USA - Let's Grow the Sailing World!

Feb. 14, 2019, 7:10 p.m.

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If you follow us on social media, you recently saw we were in Florida for the 2019 US Sailing National Programs Symposium. Last year was the first time we went to the US Sailing Symposium, and we enjoyed it. We learned a lot and made some great connections, it also led us to buy the RS 500 and go to the 2018 Worlds in England. We had a great experience last year that we decided to head to the 2019 symposium. It was three days filled with information! After three days filled with seminars about what other programs are doing a big theme seemed to be how can we grow our sport of sailing.

Why do you love the sport of sailing? Reasons we love it:

  • You can do it with family and friends.
  • It’s a sport you can do for your entire life.
  • Every day on the water is different.
  • You can race or just cruise.
  • There is so many different boats to try.
  • We love being on the water.
  • Anyone can sail!
  • We love working on our boats.
  • You can learn to sail at any age in life.
  • There is so many cool places sailing can take you.
  • Sailing is Fun.

There are so many reasons to love sailing! Unfortunately, we have seen a decline in our wonderful sport of sailing. Kids are dropping out once they start to age out of junior programs and adults can find the sport of sailing too expensive or time-consuming to continue. This is a sad thing to hear as we know there are so many reasons to love the sport of sailing. So what can we do to help grow this awesome sport we all love?

Ways You Can Help Grow The Sport Of Sailing:

  • Take at least one person who has never sailed before out sailing. If you can take more go for it!
  • Help to expose kids to different boats so they see there are different paths they can take.
  • Volunteer at your yacht club or community sailing center to teach a class where adults or kids learn to sail.
  • Find ways you can grow sailing in your community, example start an after-school program, launch an adaptive program, start an adult program, hold an intro to sailing class.
  • Show kids that sailing isn’t all about racing make it fun!
  • Anyone can sail, find ways to make it more accessible for everyone in your community.

As you already know sailing is an awesome sport. The best sport in our opinion! We need to help to grow this sport so generations after us will enjoy it. Use one of our ways to help grow the sport of sailing, or come up with your own. If you have any other ideas on ways to grow sailing comment below we would love to hear from you. Sailing is exciting, freeing, and an awesome sport so lets all make the sailing world bigger this year!