NED - Braassem Summer Regatta (Braassemermeer)

June 17, 2019, 10 a.m.

Hi 500’s!

Last weekend was held the “Braassem Summer Regatta” in the Netherlands. This is a big event on one of the lakes near the coast just below the landing and departing aeroplanes of our national airport Schiphol.

This is a multi-class event where the historical big woodenboats are competing alongside with the high performance boats with even the foiling classes like the Moth and Wasp. So there is a lot to see and its fun to be !

The RS500 class was well presented on this event with 12 contenders on the water, not only dutchies where competing there was also mixboats with CZE/NED and ITA/GER/NED boats competing!

Because of the speed differences the racecommitee divides the water in two courses and there is always a bit confusion in the first race. How many laps, do we go left or right at the top mark, wich topmark do we need…all comes back to read before going to race.

The competition was close so small mistakes could turn the tables for you or the boat next to you. We where playing chess every second. Saturday was shifty winds and pressure differences what made it very challenging to stay ahead of the competition. Every where on the coarse battles and big smiles where to be seen and after 2 races we where flagged off to shore. The biggest proud of the organizing club is the food! The lunch prepared, and is included in the fee, is stacked with wonderful foods, fruits and beverages. No matter how awfull or nice the wind conditions are, the lunch must go on!!

After lunch there was one race left where the close racing became very intense when the wind dropped. Some had nothing, others had a private lane of wind bringing them back to front. After finishing all races where abandoned and on shore there was arranged a foodcourt with live music and lots of fun stuff.

The evening was long and nice in the setting sun, belly’s where filled, laughter was all around and good times till midnight.

Sunday had more wind and was nice to sail in! It was difficult for the committee to put in a good start because of big shifts of more than 20 degrees. After an hour of waiting on the water the wind got steady enough to do some serious racing. Three more races where held with in between another great lunch.

The absolute winner was NED 894 with Bruno and Edith with a 7 as discard but for the rest only 1’s. But it didn’t came easy because NED 994 Jochem and Rosie, NED 518 Fleur and Johan always where close enough to see them to a photofinish. But Bruno always had still a card on his sleeve to slip through a gap and win the race, Excellently done !!

In the midfleet also exciting things were going on, with just six points between 4 boats anyone could have been up or down the list.

See you on at the worlds!

Jochem Slikboer