INT - RS500 Membership program 2020

Dec. 29, 2019, noon

Hi 500s,

Now the end of 2019 is approaching, I would like to inform you about the new membership program of the International RS500 Sailing Class.

In consultation with the National Boards, RS500 International has worked out the following membership types with accompanying benefits:

  • Supporting Membership: for supporters and non-active RS500 sailors/lovers (not applicable to national class structures)
    • access to our international RS500 community platform (e.g. calendar, newsletters, racing documents & photo galleries)
    • ability to acquire RS500 products (e.g. training videos)
    • Full Membership: for active RS500 sailors
      • access to our international RS500 community platform (e.g. calendar, newsletters, racing documents & photo galleries)
      • ability to acquire RS500 products (e.g. training videos)
      • required for participation in international RS500 events appointed by the International Board (EUROCUP & World Championship)
      • single voting right

    You can transfer your yearly membership contribution in two ways:

    • to a national RS500 class structure
      • applicable to helms & crews affiliated with a recognized* national class structure (CZE, GBR & NED only)
      • the national board will transfer the collected fees to RS500 International
    • to RS500 International (directly)
      • applicable to helms & crews not affiliated with a national class structure

    All RS500 membership fees are applicable to helm & crew (i.e. one membership fee for each sailor in competition). 

    The RS500 contributions for 2020 are set as follows:

    • Full Membership via a national RS500 class (CZE, GBR & NED only): fee included in the national contribution
    • Full Membership via RS500 International: € 17
    • Supporting Membership via RS500 International: € 10

    As soon as the RS500 International Sailing Class is established under Dutch law, the International Board will inform you about the transfer details for your payment.

    IMPORTANT: a Non-UK RS Class Association (RSCA) membership (RS500 or other RS classes) does not count as RS500 Full Membership.  

    Happy New-Year!

    RS500 International

    (*) recognized by RS500 International