Decision regarding the Italy Eurocup & news about the worlds!

May 11, 2021, 1:25 p.m.

While the Italy Eurocup event (14-16 May) is going ahead we feel that under current circumstances it is too difficult (or even impossible) for everyone interested in joining the event to actually get to Italy. This results in a field of competitors that is not international in nature and this goes against the aim of the Eurocup.

Thus the Class Association has decided to remove this event from the Eurocup calendar and overall competition. The event will still be organized, but now only as a local competition. International competitors are still invited to join the event if they are able to do so under Covid restrictions.

The next scheduled Eurocup event is now the June 5th & 6th event in Czechia (lake Lipno). We are obviously hopeful that this event will indeed allow for an international field, but we will take a similar decision if regulations are still not allowing all willing international competitors to easily come to Czechia.

At this stage we are getting more and more confident that the Worlds in Colico (Italy) will be open to join for anyone who wants to compete. Local rules are already allowing for the organizing of races and vaccinations are starting to make a serious impact. The EU is talking about union wide rules for allowing vacation travel this summer and the Italian government has suggested it will allow tourists from June onwards. We hope to see you all there!